International contest "Do the right thing, save the forests!"
Do the right thing, save the forests!
Do the right thing, save the forests! is a European prize competition, reserved for secondary schools, which is about using social communication to protect the world's forests.
The competition is sponsored by the NGOs CISV, COSPE, GVC (Italy), Kopin (Malta), ALMA-RO, Terra Mileniul III, Rhododendron (Romania), ACSUR Las Segovias (Spain), Polish Green Network (Poland) in a European campaign for sustainable development education regarding the sustainable management of forests worldwide, and the responsible consumption and use of forest resources.
For further information:
r.varone@cisvto.orgCOSPE, European coordinator of the competition
magda@zielonasiec.plPolish Green Network, coordinator of the competition in Poland
1 - Mission
The initiative aims to encourage the dissemination of original social communication, designed and implemented by young people, as a means of promoting the sustainable management of forests and the use and consumption of its derivatives.
2 - Entrants
Those eligible to enter the competition include those attending secondary schools in Italy, Malta, Romania, Spain, and Poland.
3 - Contents
The social communication messages should be underpinned by the following themes:
• forests for the common good of humankind
• the rights of indigenous peoples living in forests
• the protection of biodiversity
• combating deforestation and climate change
• combating the illegal timber trade
• reflecting on the consumption of forest products (paper, wood)
• forests and sustainable development
Information and access to in-depth articles and documents on the topics listed can be found on the website:
A teaching kit entitled, "Plant for the future" is available in the five principal languages of the participating countries and can be found at:
4 - Entries
The social communication should be of one of the following types:
• graphic communication (paintings or any graphics allowed, max. A2 size)
• video communication (short movie – 4 minutes max. in *.avi format)
• photographic communication (sent on CD, in folder /jpg/ and also in *.jpg format, with descriptions of each piece of photo)
• Web 2.0 communication (blog, website, social network, or a mix of these)
5 – Submission Criteria
Entries are subject to the following requirements:
• They must be presented by a secondary school class, or a group of at least 4 students of a class.
• They must conform to the terms and deadlines provided for in these Rules and Regulations.
• They must refer to a type of social communication provided for in these Rules and Regulations.
• They must constitute an original work and not be covered by copyright.
• They must not convey a message detrimental to the values, sensibilities or rights of others.
• They must not intend to offend, particularly in relation to religious, racial, sexual, social or political themes.
• They must provide details of quoted sources, if necessary.
6 – Participation
Taking part in the competition is free and open to classes or groups of secondary school students who address the themes of the competition in an original and meaningful way.
Schools wishing to participate should send their social communication campaigns, along with registration forms with accompanying product descriptions and waivers (see attached) by 15th February 2014 to and/or to the physical address of Polish Green Network: ul. Slawkowska 12, 31-014 Krakow.
Videos might be uploaded to Youtube, writing the link in the entry form
Maximum length allowed for the videos is 4 minutes
The language should be English; spoken or in subtitles.
7 - The Jury
The jury will be composed of independent professionals with experience in the fields of education for development, communication, and social and environmental management.
8 - Announcement of Winners
The winners will be announced by 7th Avril, 2014. All participating schools will be notified of their results which will also be posted on the website.
Prizes will be awarded to the top five entries, one for each participating country (Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Spain).
From 5 best works in Europe the jury will choose the best school and this will be the best work on the European level in the competition.
The five best works from each country will be published on the project website and
9 - Final Provisions
Participation in the competition implies the knowledge and acceptance of the terms contained in these Rules and Regulations, failure to comply with even one point will be considered sufficient grounds for exclusion.
The confidential treatment of your personal data, as required by law, is assured as it will be used exclusively for the development of the competition. On request, this information can be corrected or deleted.
While not explicitly provided for in these Rules and Regulations, resolution of disputes is delegated to the promoters of the competition in each jurisdiction.
The disclaimer (see attached) is composed of three sections A, B and C.
Section A must be completed by all competitors in order to expressly authorise the use of submissions with regard to:
 Publication as part of the Forests of the World
 Dissemination via the website and
Section B must be completed as authorisation where the submission contains images of minors.
Section C must be completed as authorisation where the submission contains images of adults.