Changing habits for good
The project  „Changing habits for good” has been implemented in Poland since 2013 by Polish Green Network within its thematic program: „Buy responsibly”. The project is an international initiative led by Scotdec (Scottish Development Education Centre) and  implemented in partnership with organizations from Slovenia (Institute for African Studies) and Bulgaria (CEGA).
The aim of the project is to increase the awareness and sensitivity of teachers and pupils to the development issues, as well as global interdependencies,  in the context of the production and consumption of electronic goods and clothes, the products most popular among young consumers.
The project involves regular cooperation and exchange of experience among teachers and pupils in pilot schools from four countries. This is done through trainings, symposia, working groups and material sharing in order to strengthen the knowledge and skills of teachers, as well as through workshops for  pupils and day to day work in class rooms aimed at strengthening their knowledge and engagement. While implementing the project we widely use the method of collaborating learning, where teachers and pupils share their knowledge, experiences, opinions and ideas, treat each other as partners in the shared process of learning.
In Poland we work with following project schools:
•             Gymnasium no 16 in Sosnowiec
•             Gymnasium no 6 in Jaworzno
•             Gymnasium no 2 in Chorzów
•             High School no 3 in Katowice
•             Secondary School of Commerce in Katowice
•             Gymnasium no 2 in Zakopane
•             Secondary School of Gastronomy in Kraków
Please contact us for more information on the project.
The project is financed by European Commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland (2013, 2015)