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We draw attention to the problems associated with the toy industry and spread information about the human rights abuses associated with the production of toys in developing countries (mainly in China). We show consumers how they can oppose human rights violations and the low quality of products that comes with their low price. We advise on how to persuade toy manufacturers to apply fair practices that are beneficial both to the workers and the recipients of toys. We also promote local, ecological production, as well as traditional national and exotic Fair Trade craft.
The project is primarily targeted at young parents and those working with children, but we believe that its message should be of concern to anybody purchasing gifts for children. Manufacturers and retailers of toys play a special role, so we ask for their cooperation in order to improve the situation. We are convinced that no child wants to play with toys that are produced in violation of human and workers rights.
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Under the "Downloads" tab you'll find electronic versions of our publications. If you wish to receive a hard copy, please contact us.
Under "Resources" you will find articles describing the situation of workers in toy factories, modern toy industry and alternative modes of production and consumption of toys.
We strongly encourage you to use Good Shopping – first online consumer guide in Poland with a ranking of the most eco-friendly and socially responsible brands and companies. Whole shopping guide is available in English!
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If you want to join the information campaign run across Poland, we will be happy to support you. See the "Downloads" section for our Activist's Guide, which we hope you will find helpful and inspiring.
We invite all parents, people working with children, representatives of the toy industry, as well as the media, to contact us.

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