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Climate of Change

With this project, we point out social and environmental problems related to the ongoing climate change and its impact on climate-induced migration and climate refugees. Due to natural disasters caused by climate change, more and more people are forced to leave their homes. About 20 million people become thus displaced each year. These processes are connected with adverse environmental, cultural and economic impacts.
The project aims to reach the youth and to introduce lasting change in individual and social habits and behavior. We present the opportunities to take action for sustainable development, organizing workshops and educational and informational actions for young people, street actions and happenings. As part of the project, we are also planning to cooperate with members of the European Parliament.
The project forms a part of the European “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change” project, in cooperation with 15 partners from 12 EU Member States, with the Italian organization WeWorld GVC as the project leader. In Poland, the regional project partner is the Fairtrade Polska Foundation.
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More information can be found on the international project website www.climateofchange.info
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We encourage you to read the articles in our “Resources” related to causes of climate change and its consequences.
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