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We draw attention to the problems associated with the food industry and spread information about the human rights and environmental abuses associated with the production of food in Poland and abroad.
We try to encourage Polish consumers and food producers to consider the impact of agricultural production and food consumption methods on the natural environment and the situation of farmers in Poland, in the European Union and in the countries of the global South. We mobilize to change consumer behavior and attitudes that adversely affect the development of sustainable food production and consumption, we promote alternative production and consumption models and we make people aware that sustainable agriculture, local production and Fair Trade are solutions that bring economic and social benefits, protect the natural environment and realistically improve the situation of the poorest countries.
We pay special attention to young people and show the impact of irresponsible food production and consumption on climate change and migration. The campaign aims to mobilize young people to adopt sustainable consumption patterns and actively support sustainable food supply chains, fair trade relations, respect for human and labor rights and sustainable development, through improved institutional and corporate policies at EU and Member State level.

The project is part of the European project
Our Food. Our Future, which we co-create with partners from 18 European Union Member States. The project leader is the organization Christliche Initiative Romero (CIR).
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