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We raise awareness of social and environmental problems concerning tropical fruit production and trade. Bananas and pineapples are the most popular exotic fruit species available at our shops. Banana trade accounts for the largest part of the global fruit trade. Both bananas and pineapples have similar supply chains – they mostly come from the same countries and their cultivation is controlled by the same companies. Regrettably, what they also have in common are violations of human rights and labour and environmental standards in their production and preparation for their journey overseas. We show you here what can be done to oppose violations of human and labour rights and growing environmental pollution. We suggest how to put pressure on supermarkets and food companies to make them use fair and good practices favourable for small producers. We also promote bananas and pineapples that come from organic farming or are Fairtrade certified.
The project is part of the European campaign Make Fruit Fair! that we are co-creating with NGOs from all over Europe and Latin America. The leader of the project is Oxfam Germany. In Poland, the project’s regional partner is Polish Fair Trade Coalition.
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Under the Dowloads tab you can find digital versions of our publications. If you want to receive our publications in print, please write to us.
You can also have a look at the articles in our Resources describing the situation of plantation workers and growers of tropical fruit. We also present the dominating role of discount stores and supermarkets in the tropical fruit supply chain.
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Join us and demand fair trading conditions for farmers growing tropical fruit!
If you are an activist, student, teacher as well as company representative that want to produce and sell tropical fruit in a fair way just contact us and follow our actions.

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