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We draw attention to social and environmental problems related to forestry and wood and paper industry in Poland and worldwide by offering a range of available solutions. The project is directed to primary school and high school students and teachers, as well as consumers, and it shows that responsible production and consumption of wood-sourced products, such as furniture, floor fittings, windows and paper, are necessary to preserve the current forest resources for the present and future generations. We provide ways of counteracting the ongoing devastation of the environment, the violation of rights of the indigenous peoples and local inhabitants of forest areas. We provide tips on how to choose environmentally friendly wood and paper which are produced in a socially responsible way, from recycled materials and according to Fair Trade principles. We also advice producers who wish to manufacture such products on how to get started.
The project is a part of a wider European campaign "Educating to sustainable and responsible management of the forests in the world", which we co-run with NGOs from Italy, Romania, Spain and Malta. Its regional partners in Poland are the member organisations of Polska Zielona Sieć, Stowarzyszenie „Eko-Inicjatywa” from Kwidzyń and NEPCon from Kraków.
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An online version of the educational kit including meritorical analysis, lesson plans, activating exercises, ideas for students and class projects and forest-themed films and photographs is available under the "Downloads" tab.
Articles describing how the wood and forest industry affects the environment and people's lives and presenting alternative ways of wood and paper production and consumption are accessible under the "Resources" tab.
We strongly encourage you to use Good Shopping – first online consumer guide in Poland with a ranking of the most eco-friendly and socially responsible brands and companies. Whole shopping guide is available in English!
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Please get in touch if you are a primary school or a high school teacher and would like to introduce the programme to your school. We will also be happy to hear from any journalists, NGOs and other institutions interested in or involved with the forests and forest industry.

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