Buy responsibly through public procurement

142 billion PLN was spent under public procurement in 2013 in Poland. This amount constituted almost 9% of Polish GDP in 2013. It also makes public institutions the key consumers in Poland and natural target group of the activities of Buy Responsibly Foundation, focusing on the promotion of responsible purchasing.
It focuses on the implementation in Polish law the new EU directive on public procurement as well as on the popularisation of international standards in sustainable public procurement. The project is an answer to the needs of strengthening legal basis for sustainable public procurement in Poland, intensification of its promotion by public institutions and development of cooperation of Polish CSOs on advocacy for the implementation of sustainable public procurement.  

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Project activities involved networking through Working Group on sustainable public procurement; reserach on challenges, opportunities and strategies of the implementation of sustainable public procurement in Poland; preparation of three expert analisis on key issues related to sustainable public procurement; organization of three debates with various stakeholders, including CSO, decision makers, public institutions, experts, media; monitoring of changes in legislation and advocacy actions. The project contributed to strengthening of knowledge on sustainable public procurement, promotion of its more common implementation as well as increased involvement of civil socjety in this proces.
The project is implemented in partnership with Foundation of the "Fair Trade Coalition" (Poland) and  Farmtiden i vare hender (Norway).
The project is implemented under the Citizens for Democracy programme, financed  by the EEA Grants.
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Contact us if you want to contribute to the project as a representative of public instituion, civil socjety organization Or an expert in sustainable public procurement in Poland.

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