How can you benefit from joining the Buy Responsibly Network?

You can contribute to solutions that can help you and others buy responsibly.

You’ll be one of the first to know the latest news!

You’ll get a PRESENT – a bag made of Fairtrade cotton – for the Network members only.

You’ll be invited to participate free of charge in all the meetings, trainings, events and other important moments in the life of our Foundation and Network.

You’ll have an opportunity to contact the donor liaison manager. You can contact other members of the Network.

You’ll get an annual record of the amount of the donation made with information on how it was used and spent.

Why is it worth doing?

By joining the Network, you help us act every day!

On your behalf:

We are fighting for the health of all of us, changing the companies’ actions on chemicals in products.

We monitor companies, demanding they protect human rights and the environment.

We fight against the excessive amount of plastic in the environment, encouraging companies and consumers to go zero waste.

We are striving to get more sustainable, ethical and organic products to our shops, supporting Polish companies in this respect.

We form the biggest movement of aware and responsible consumers in Poland.

We educate and inspire young people to act.


And we have lots of other ideas for the future.
You can help us make them happen!