My Revolution
The "My Revolution" project is implemented by the Buy Responsibly Foundation, from 01/09/2017 to 31/12/2018, in partnership with non-governmental organizations from Austria (Südwind), Italy (GVC) and Slovenia (Focus) and with local authorities in Bologna and the Adult Education Institute of Vienna. The Buy Responsibly Foundation is a Polish partner of the project.
The project focuses mainly on the commemoration of political and social changes, which occurred a one hundred years ago as a result of workers and citizens revolutions and changes in consumption habits, which occurred after the economic changes in 1989 in Central and Eastern Europe. During the project we will consider the level of awareness and the issue of consumer engagement for decent work, sustainable production and consumption, fair trade, zerowaste, etc.
The main beneficiaries of the project are people between 16 and 30. We are planning organizing workshops, meetings and conferences. In each country cooperation with 3 different youth groups is envisaged. They will be answering the questions: "What is my revolution today? What are important demands for social changes for me today?".
On the basis of joint discussions, The Youth Manifesto will be created, inspired by meetings of representatives of four countries participating in the project. The manifesto will be presented and discussed by young people in the European Parliament.